Do you remember a few weeks ago when we posted the opening credits for AMC’s new series, “The Walking Dead?” They were actually created by a fan who had come up with a pretty decent intro for the show that we hoped the producers would actually use. Unfortunately, instead of going with the animated fan made take, they stuck with a live action version. Check out the real opening credits for the series as well as 5 minutes from the premiere episode below…

Here are the opening credits for “The Walking Dead:”

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Here are 5 heartwrenching minutes from the pilot:

The first season of “The Walking Dead” will span six episodes and make its debut during AMC’s Fearfest this fall. The series is written, produced and directed by three-time Academy Award-nominee Frank Darabont and produced by Gale Anne Hurd (The Incredible Hulk, The Terminator). Even though it hasn’t premiered yet, the show has already been picked up for a second season. Unlike its predecessor it will have a full 13 episodes to keep us entertained.

“The Walking Dead” centers on a small-town cop (Andrew Lincoln) who leads a group of survivors in their struggle against a world besieged by zombies.”The Walking Dead” co-stars Sarah Wayne Callies , Jon Bernthal, Laurie Holden, and Emma Bell.

“The Walking Dead” will debut Sunday, October 31st on AMC.

What do think of first scenes from The Walking Dead? Will you tune in this weekend?