The sexy- modelesque, sales-man guest star from last week is still around and an old friend comes back to visit the show to help celebrate Halloween festivities. But does the presence of these two characters add up to much? Hey, at least we have a Sookie costume, sadly it’s not Anna Paquin in the outfit, it’s Meredith.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Costume Contest”

Almost everyone in the office has an impressive costume this year when they find out that the winner of the costume contest gets a coupon book as a prize. Tensions run high when Michael finds out that Daryl took a business idea to Gabe that Michael had previously shot down. Jim decides to find out why Danny never called Pam back after the two dates they went on years ago.

The Good:

  • Costumes: The characters were sporting some relatively funny costumes this year. Kevin was the spitting image of Michael Moore, Gabe looked ridiculous as Lady Gaga, and Erin was typical Erin, wearing a monster mask on top of her normal work clothes.
  • Kevin crying: It probably added up to about thirty seconds of screen time, but when Michael yells at Kevin after misreading an exchange between him and Gabe, Kevin’s tearful reaction is priceless.
  • Stanley: The pre-credits scene was fantastic this week, with everyone in the office testing Stanley to see just how oblivious he really is. Michael holds a meeting about a Dunder-Mifflin branch on planet Jupiter, Andy works without a shirt on, and Dwight brings in one of his farm animals. Do you think Stanley noticed?
  • Creed: Creed is always good for sone random laughs, and he scored a big one this week when he praised Oscar’s costume as “The best Edward James Olmos costume ever.”

The So-So:

  • Jim vs. Danny: Jim is intent on finding out why Danny never called Pam back, but there’s not all that much humor in this subplot. All it does is add awkward scenes that the episode doesn’t need.
  • Michael vs. Daryl: Michael’s jealousy used to be funny, but now it’s just getting obnoxious. Daryl had a good idea and went behind Michael’s back when it got turned down. Michael’s overreaction is only somewhat amusing. This issue really came up so we can see that Daryl will probably be taking Michael’s place come the end of this season.

The Bad:

  • Todd Packer is back: But, he has nothing to do. Honestly, what was the point of bringing Packer back into the mix with this episode, if he literally had no funny lines or gags? It was very strange, he was just like a piece of furniture in the office. True, there’ll be some tension now that Danny is moving in on his territory, but you don’t bring back this kind of character without giving him an entertaining reason to be there.


An uneven episode this week. It had its moments, but they didn’t add up to much. Two of the subplots weren’t all that funny or dramatic, and the laughs were sporadic at best. It’s painful to admit, but “The Office” may be running out of steam.

Rating: 6.5/10

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