If you’re a fan of the ABC hit “Castle” we’ve got some important casting news to report. “That 70′s Show” alum Laura Prepon is joining the show. According to EW, the actress will be a foil in the constant will they, won’t they, or why haven’t they relationship between Castle and Beckett!

Prepon’s role will be a lot different that anything she’s ever played before. Instead of being the tomboy next door she’ll star as a ..wait for it… an actress! Yep, her character is Nikki Heat and she’ll be the actress brought on to play the lead role in the big screen adaptation of Castle’s latest book, Heat Wave.

This will be an interesting twist in the ever evolving story between Castle and Beckett because the character of Nikki is actually based on Beckett. What will happen when (in essence) the two Becketts come face to face? We’ve got a while to let the concept simmer in our brains because Prepon won’t appear on the show until early next year.

Beckett vs Heat round one coming soon. Fight! Are you ready?

What do you think of the addition of Prepon to the Castle cast? How do you think Beckett will react?