We need the special anniversary edition of The Sound of Music in our DVD collections right now! The cast of the classic musical appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” this Thursday after a 45 year hiatus. The show started out with a one on one with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, then they brought out all the actors who played their children in the film who are currently middle aged men and women. The cast revealed some interesting things about what went on behind the scenes of the shoot and it kind of taints our image of the family film.

During their interview, Plummer admitted to Oprah that he had a huge crush on Andrews during filming. She was 28 years old and he was 34. At the time she had just had a baby and he said that he had to keep himself at arm’s length because of that. He described her as “an awful tease!”

They also revealed that Plummer was considered a Hollywood bad boy at the time of his casting. This is news for us because this was the first film we ever saw him in. He was well known for his dramatic roles and getting into trouble behind the scenes. During the show they revealed that he taught his on screen daughter Charmian Carr (Lisa), who was 21 at the time, how to drink! She was playing 16 going on 17 but she was an adult and he treated her like one.

It’s hard to think that Carr and Andrews are only 7 years apart yet Andrews played her step-mother. The biggest piece of trivia had to come from the casting of the kids. Originally Richard Dreyfuss, Kurt Russell, and Mia Farrow were all in the running to play one of the Von Trapp children, but the producers decided to go with unknowns instead.

Are you surprised by what went on behind the scenes?

Source: THR