Can anyone resist Jude Law? Really? Every woman, man, and child seems to be attracted to the guy for various reasons. Maybe it’s his accent or his lean frame? We’re not sure, but either way some new folks have fallen victim to his charm. The residents of “Sesame Street” recently invited the actor to their neighborhood to do a video on the meaning of the word “Cling” and to say that he attracted every puppet in the room would be an understatement. Take a look…

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Doesn’t this seem like something that happens to the actor on a daily basis? Except it wouldn’t be puppets, it would be random women in hooker heels looking for a good time. The monkey, the mouse, and the octopus would need to move over because if we were in the room we would have dominated this scene.

Sesame Street” has gotten a lot of stars to come do guest spots over the years, and no appearance has been as fitting as this one. Keep up the good work PBS!

What do you think of Jude Law’s appearance on Sesame Street? Do you think he was the right person to demonstrate the word, “Cling.”