Earlier today we discovered that Universal plans on releasing their adaptation, Snow White and The Huntsman on December 21, 2012. The studio is wasting no time with pre-production and their first order of business is to find the right actors to play the main characters. It was previously rumored that Tom Hardy might be in the running for the Huntsman and Angelina Jolie for the evil queen, but now two new actors have joined the race.

According to The Wrap, Johnny Depp has been offered the part of The Huntsman by Alice in Wonderland producer Joe Roth, who’s also working on this film. The actor’s reps and the studio refuse to comment on casting deals but sources claim that they want him for the part. The film will feature a new and expanded take on the character written by Evan Daugherty and directed by Rupert Sanders.

“In Daugherty’s script, the Huntsman is haunted by a white wolf that killed his wife, and there’s a pervasive sadness about the character that makes the void in his life feel quite real. He’ll be chained to Snow White for part of the live-action movie as the duo make their escape from a pair of bounty hunters. The Huntsman then serves as a mentor who teaches the teenage Snow White how to fight against her evil step-mother, Ravenna.”

Speaking of Ravenna, there’s been word that Oscar winner Charlize Theron is the latest actress to be approached to play the part of the queen. If Depp is the Huntsman, Theron is the queen, who on earth could they get to play Snow White herself?!

Do you think this casting would make sense? Good or Bad choice?