The one thing we love about Halloween are the holiday themed shows that pop up this time of year. Everything is always extra scary, extra corny, or somehow music oriented. One program that will have a combination of all three is “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” On tonight’s episode, the host will sport an evil butcher costume, surround himself with questionable dancers (emphasis on questionable), and perform the hit single, “Monster Mash.” Check it out…

Ferguson is singing the song originally performed by Bobby “Boris” Pickett that became a hit back in 1962. It’s supposed to be a send up of all the Universal monster movies such as Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Mummy, the Invisbile Man, is there anyone we’re missing? You get the picture.

This video is so hilarious for all the wrong reasons. What the hell is up with the Bride of Frankenstein in the background? Seriously, that guy is so overtly masculine. We get it, you’re a man dressed as a woman. We love Ferguson, he always has the best parodies and sticks to his own style.

What do you think of Ferguson’s take on The Monster Mash? Will you be watching tonight?

Source: CBS Tweet