It’s time to reveal our winner for the Saw 3D prize pack which includes amazing prizes. First, thank you to all who participated. To those of you who missed out, keep checking out our site, we have amazing giveaways. For this competition, we asked our readers to tell us what they thought was the most painful deathtrap created by Jigsaw and his followers. Which one really made them squirm? Are you one of the lucky winners?

Congratulations to:

  • Winner 1 – The Prize Pack – Kasey - “The Razor Box that Addison fell victim to in Saw 2.. not so violent but a nasty way to die, trapped, sliced, and bleeding to death.”
  • Winner 2 – Tickets to Universal – Jon – “Mine has to be the LEG TRAP!!! The first and most insane to me…. The whole being chained to the bathroom walls and what had to be done in order to teach Cary how special it is to be alive. C’mon… hand saws… Kill or be killed…. so complicated and simple! It’s what got me sucked into the Saw series to begin with!”

Thank you again to all of you who commented. An e-mail has been sent to the winner. Please respond ASAP so we can get your prize shipped out! If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, the prize will be given to another commenter.

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