After weeks of hype, President Barack Obama graced the sound stage of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” It was a history making event because this was the first time that a current president appeared on the program, and the first time that only one guest was scheduled for the entire show. Even though Stewart and Obama participated in a few comedic exchanges, the interview eventually took a serious turn…

It’s no secret that Obama isn’t pleased with the state of the Senate right now, and he made that known. “He even endorsed the idea of changing Senate rules that require 60 Senators to vote to end a filibuster and approve legislation. ‘I would love not to have a 60 vote requirement,’ Obama said.”

Next, it got real hot and heavy when they hit the red button topic of health care. Whenever anyone speaks on this subject it seems to take an uncomfortable turn and Obama didn’t hold back. He had a bone to pick with Stewart and he respectfully disagreed with his views on the topic.

“I love your show, but this is something where I have a profound disagreement with you. This notion that health care was timid? He said 30 million people are “going to get health care as a consequence” of the bill, insurers can no longer drop people, and kids can now remain on their parents’ plans. I think most people would say this is the most significant piece of legislation in this country’s history,” Obama said, which drew applause from the audience.”

You can watch some of Obama and Stewart’s interview by clicking on the image below.

Did you watch the president’s visit last night? What did you think?