Now that it’s been confirmed by director Tony Scott that Top Gun 2 is ago, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie has decided to fill us in on some sequel details. Previous reports claimed that Tom Cruise’s character Maverick would be featured in a small role in the film, that would be led by a new cast of recruits. But according to an email sent to Vulture by McQuarrie, Cruise will in fact be the star.

The original article regarding the plot for Top Gun 2 said that Maverick would return depressed and disappointed at the current state of the flight program. And at the time, the character was set to be a minor part of the overall story, but the screenwriter says that’s not true. According to McQuarrie, “There is no Top Gun 2 in which Maverick is not the starring role.” Well there you have it!

Another update came from Scott who claimed that he was inspired to produce another movie after having an in depth conversation with someone who is currently involved with the Air Force. “These computer geeks — these kids play war games in a trailer in Fallon, Nevada and if we ever went to war or were in the Middle East or the Far East or wherever it is, these guys can actually fly drones. They are unmanned aircraft.  They operate them and then they party all night.”

So old school Maverick will be front and center again. But we’re pretty sure they’ll find a way to give him a sidekick or someone younger who will eventually to take his place.

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