Jon Stewart has just proven that you don’t have to be the President of the United States or the CEO of Apple Inc to be the most influential man of 2010. According to a new poll conducted by, “The Daily Show” host earned the top spot on their annual influential list beating out some of the richest and most powerful men in the world. Check out his competition below…

The website surveyed over half a million readers to come up with their final result. They wanted to find the man who they felt had the biggest impact on society in the past year, and Stewart rose to the occasion. We don’t know if it’s his ability to put fraudulent newscasters in their place, or his ability to get the masses to participate in rallies that force them to exercise their rights.

According to AskMen’s Editor-in-Chief James Bassil, “It seems that this year in particular, our readers have chosen unlikely influencers; guys who don’t always play by the rules, and in many cases, created their own norms in opposition to the current times.”

Here are the top 25:

1. Jon Stewart

2. Bill Gates

3. Mark Zuckerberg

4. Steve Jobs

5. Kanye West

6. Drew Brees

7. James Franco

8. Elon Musk

9. Jose Mourinho

10. Graydon Carter

11. Stephen Colbert

12. Conan O’Brien

13. Jay-Z

14. Richard Branson

15. Rafael Nadal

16. Bobby Kotick

17. Lebron James

18. George Clooney

19. Dennis Crowley (Foursquare)

20. Matthew Weiner (Mad Men creator)

21. Barack Obama

22. Ferran Adria

23. Tom Ford

24. Eminem

25. Ben Affleck

Who would have thought that we’d see the day when Jon Stewart was above Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs! The men have spoken!

What do you think of this year’s Most Influential Men? Is it an accurate list?

Source: NY Daily News