Martin Scorsese has gotten a little too happy over the success of his period drama “Boardwalk Empire“. The HBO show has been picked up for a second season and is considered the series to beat for the Golden Globes and next year’s Emmy Awards. Now according to a report from Digital Spy, the director is looking to adapt his acclaimed mafia feature Goodfellas for the small screen. That’s right, they’re headed to television!

Scorsese will get help developing the series from Nicholas Pileggi who wrote the book Wiseguys from which the film Goodfellas was based. When speaking to Culture magazine he stated, “I want to do it, Marty wants to do it, Warner Bros wants to do it. Of course, you can’t pick up from Goodfellas, since we murdered everybody, or rather, everybody was murdered! There’s nobody left.But I think we’re going to figure out a way to do the early years – sort of a prequel.”

The prequel will more than likely follow the film’s lead character Henry Hill, whom was played by Ray Liotta in the feature. Somebody quick, get us an Irish-Italian actor on the phone so we can make this happen! Seriously, television adaptations don’t always work or do the original property justice. Even if the director and author are involved that’s going to be a hard feat to pull off.

Do you want to see Goodfellas hit the small screen?