This week on “Weeds,” the Botwins go back to Nancy’s hometown where she hopes to make enough money to emigrate. Andy and Doug must find them fake passports while Silas and Shane dig up their mother’s past. Will they get the money and passports to travel to Copenhagen? Find out in our review…

The Players:

Episode Title: “Dearborn-Again”

The Botwins crash at Nancy’s old math teacher’s house. Nancy tries to sell hash to a club guy wearing an Ed Hardy shirt, Andy tries to find a fake passport by carrying a yoga mat into a mosque, and Silas and Shane ask for more information about their mother only to end up doubting Silas’ paternal lineage. Nancy visits her parents’ graves, and runs into a guy who claims to have known her in high school. Doug and Andy trade the RV in for a crappy car after Doug backs into a homeless family’s car/house and offers to trade vehicles, and Andy concocts a new drug that is “up…not down.”

The Good:

  • Doug helps Andy: Doug remembers the numbers Andy forgets because, as he explains, he used to be an accountant.  Later he rants about products he’s bought from Skymall, and becomes Andy’s guinea pig for the new drug.
  • Nancy’s former Math Teacher: He orders mass amounts of items from Skymall, makes it a point to say that he has a locked room and no one knows what’s in it, can’t remember their names, and then insists he’s not crazy. Did we mention he’s a riot?
  • Rants: Doug rants about Skymall products, Andy rants about his short-term memory loss, the homeless guy rants about Doug’s backing fail.

The Bad:

  • Ellis Tate: So the creepy guy in the graveyard who claims to have known Nancy in high school is just a poser. He’s tracking her down for someone else. But just who does he work for with those sorted file-folders–the feds? Esteban?
  • Silas and Shane Do Research on Nancy’s history: Perhaps not what Silas expected to hear-Nancy dated a guy in high school that looked like Silas. So they go to the guy’s house and Shane steals a hairbrush so that they can test the D.N.A.

The Quotable:

  • Silas comments that it’s racist to assume all Arabs have fake passports. Nancy’s reply: “It’s also racist to assume all Asians are bad drivers but they are.”
  • “You’ve been watching too many episodes of 24 – nobody does hash anymore.”
  • “up….not down.”
  • Shane to Silas: “D.N.A., my brother. Or should I say half-brother.”
  • “We don’t always have to do what chicks tell us to do, right?” “Especially fat chicks.”


Not much changed regarding the plotline this week. The Botwins still aren’t able to leave the country yet, Nancy is still being chased, and we’ll have to wait until next week to find out if they can find the means to emigrate. But the one-liners and downright humorous situations more than made up for it. Will the Botwins be able to attain their cash and passports to flee the country before they get caught?

Rating: 8/10

“Weeds” airs every Monday night at 10pm on Showtime.

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