The cast of the comedy Tower Heist continues to grow with the addition of Matthew Broderick and Tea Leoni. The film is being led by comedy vets Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy and Alan Alda, and involves a Robin Hood type of plot. Ripping off the rich to give to the poor, or in this case, returning what rightly belongs to them.

The story for Tower Heist centers on operations and maintenance workers in a luxury Manhattan high-rise whose pension funds were looted by a Bernie Madoff-like Wall Street crook (Alda), who is living high style in a penthouse apartment, under house arrest. Led by an overworked building manager (Stiller), the workers use their knowledge of the inner workings of the building to rip him off.

“Broderick will play Chase Fitzhugh, a Wall Street guy who, like the building staff, had his finances cleaned out by the Alan Alda character.” On the other hand Leoni will star as the love interest of Stiller’s character, who happens to be an FBI Agent. She’s well aware of his plan to rob Alda but turns the other cheek anyway.

Tower Heist also stars Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe and Michael Pena.

What do you think of the growing cast for Tower Heist? Are you interested in seeing the film?

Source: THR, Deadline