Damn it George Lucas, I thought we were done with this 3D conversion stuff? A few weeks ago it was confirmed that the director/screenwriter/producer has plans to convert all 6 films from the Star Wars Saga into 3D with the first installment being released in 2012. Now, according to a report from Blue Sky Disney, Lucas’ other major franchise might be getting the same treatment. We’re looking at you Indiana Jones!

The site claims that Lucasfilm will announce their plans to convert the Indiana Jones Saga into 3D, with Raiders of the Lost Ark being the first to undergo the process. Apparently Lucas, became seriously interested in the project after he saw James Cameron’s Oscar winning effects in Avatar last year. What’s next guys? Will we see American Grafitti get in on this action as well? Sense the sarcasm in our tone.

We can’t say that Lucas’ decision to convert Indy is a surprise, because where there’s new technology, there’s always Lucas. We should have learned that from his 9,236 re-releases of Star Wars, and his multiple special editions. There are a lot of people who are still pissed about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull so we’re not even sure if he should convert that one. No one wanted to see it in 2D let alone 3D.

Do you think Lucas should convert the Indiana Jones saga?