This week, ScreenCrave was given the opportunity to see a sneak peek of the upcoming holiday film, The Nutcracker in 3D. Based off of the popular Christmas ballet of the same name, the film is directed by Andrey Konchalovskiy and stars Elle Fanning, Charlie Rowe, Nathan Lane, and John Turturro. We watched an exclusive 30 minutes of the film that featured plenty of dazzling special effects, larger than life costumes, and wondrous music. Here’s what we saw…

We were told ahead of time that the footage we were about to see was 2 weeks away from the final print. Therefore, a few technical glitches might arise during the screening. With that in mind we sat back, relaxed, and watched one of the opening sequences that featured Uncle Albert (Lane), Mary (Fanning), and her brother Max (Aaron Michael Drozin). The trio entered the living room where Mary noticed that her favorite doll, The Nutcracker was broken. She was enraged to discover that it was damaged by Max, and the two began to argue.

To keep the siblings from fighting Uncle Albert broke out into a song called, “It’s all relative.” Distracted, Mary and Max began to sing along and made their way upstairs where Albert tucked them into their beds. Mary asked her Uncle if he could tuck them in every night and instead of giving her a legitimate answer he just looked at her lovingly and disappeared into thin air. At this point Mary got up and grabbed her broken Nutcracker doll, and while she attempted to fix it, it began talking to her!

Once the wooden toy learns that Mary’s faith in him is greater than any he’s ever known he realizes that she can help him on his journey. The Nutcracker, or as he likes to be called “N.C.” goes down to the living room where the Christmas tree, and a doll house have grown to epic proportions and all the toys have been brought to life.

Out of everything shown in this sneak peek, the Christmas tree was the most impressive. It had so many layers, so many characters, and so many nooks and crannies to investigate. There’s one scene in particular that really stood out amongst all the others and it featured Mary and N.C. traveling through the tree with all the ornaments coming to life. The amount of detail that went into that shot was amazing.

Overall, we’re looking forward to seeing the finished product after all the kinks have been worked out. The only downside was that the 3D wasn’t as visible as we wanted it to be. But like they said in the beginning, this wasn’t a finished cut. When they do finalize the effects the scenes will definitely pop a lot better and be more visually interesting.

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The Nutcracker in 3D opens in theaters everywhere on November 24th.