This week on “Castle,” the level of suspense is higher than ever when the clues from a woman’s death all lead to the return of The Triple Killer, aka “3XK,” a serial murder who terrorized New York City four years ago. Can Beckett and Castle catch this notorious criminal before he gets to another victim? Read our review to find out…

The Players:

  • Director: Bill Roe
  • Writers: David Amann
  • Cast: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Molly C. Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Tamala Jones, Mark Berry, Lee Tergesen

Episode Title: “3XK”

Castle and Beckett question two suspects tied to their latest victim’s death, which contains clues that her killer is the 3XK.  The first suspect is released uneventfully, but the second suspect, Marcus Gates, walks free on lack of evidence threatening them to watch their loved ones. Meanwhile, Alexis wants to go to the park alone to meet a “secret admirer” who has been giving her flowers and such. Tension builds as Castle and Beckett gather enough evidence to charge Marcus with multiple murders. Then, just when everything seems over and done, Castle realizes they locked up the wrong killer! Castle escapes death, but the murderer roams free.

The Good:

  • Castle and Becket Get Close: Beckett comes to Castle’s aid with reinforcements, telling him she’s glad he’s okay. The two share a tender moment when they chat together about their experience with how it feels to come so close to catching a murderer.
  • Suspense: The high level of suspense made this episode. The typical twists and turns on this particular case created a tension and anxiousness that served to be quite dramatic in that Castle and Beckett have never been so close.

The Weird:

  • Alexis’ Secret Admirer: Alexis’ secret admirer gives her flowers and cute notes, which Alexis contemplates and responds to. Castle freaks us out by considering the possibility that her secret admirer could be a creepy stalker much like the serial killer in his and Beckett’s current case.
  • Cal Townsend: his connection to one of the 3XK victims from four years ago means Cal keeps showing up briefly, first in Beckett’s office, then later when they were questioning Marcus Gates. But his appearance merely a distraction from the rest of the case and the search for the true killer.

The Bad:

  • Castle’s Brush with Death: Castle solves the case, explaining beautifully how everything adds up. But out loud. Right in front of the serial killer, who whips into action and ties Castle up at gunpoint. The good part–Castle lives. The bad part–this serial killer is on the loose again.

The Quotable:

  • Beckett: “Castle, do you have a theory you’d like to share with the class?”
  • Esposito: “Sweaty McSweats Alot…”
  • Alexis: “Somehow I feel like it’s not Ashley that has the problem”
  • Castle: “His name’s Jelly?” Becket: “Jerry, Castle, his name’s Jerry!” Castle writes on paper and mumbles “now it’s Jerry…”
  • Castle: “…but she did poison you-she put a laxative in your [food item]” Martha: “and it added a sense of urgency to my performance for sure.”
  • Beckett to Castle: “Your mom called-she said you told her you loved her and she suspected something was terribly wrong.”


Castle and Beckett work together with the rest of the squad to quickly determine the identity of the 3XK murderer in the most suspenseful episode yet.  And to top it all off, Castle and Beckett get even closer emotionally. Will next week further their feelings for one another?

Rating: 9/10

“Castle” airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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