It will be a long time until we see new episodes of “True Blood” on screen, but HBO is already laying out the “bloody” red carpet for some new characters in the vampire series. Last season we got werewolves, and next season we’ll be bombarded by black magic practicing witches! See who’s coming to town…

  • Marnie is a Z-list palm reader who’s painfully aware of what a joke she is — that is, until she comes to be possessed by the spirit of a real witch.
  • Andy’s sister, Portia, is as easy on the eyes as she is sharp in the courtroom.
  • Naomi is an Asian-American cage fighter who, outside of the ring…er, cage…is hot-’n’-heavy with one of her female competitors.
  • Queen Mab is an elegant beauty who presides over a fantasy land that sounds a lot like the fairy domain into which Sookie (Anna Paquin) keeps being pulled. But, ethereal as her highness may be, she’s also got a temper…
  • Suzanne McKittrick is a Real Housewives type who throws a hootenanny to bond with “her kind.” That “kind,” I’m thinking, being shapeshifters like buttoned-down African-American (and fellow newbie) Emory Broome.

Alan Ball is really bringing the heat next year. Hopefully, it stays hot and doesn’t become a luke warm mess like the majority of season 3.

What do you think of the newest additions to True Blood season 4?

Source: EW