Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has been very busy working behind the scenes with his film and television production company. A while back we reported on the new sketch comedy series he’s developing for Fox and now he’s got another project underway for NBC. It’s an action drama that’s filled with lies and intrigue. In other words, it’s “Undercovers” meets “Alias” mixed with “The Sopranos.”

The show is called “Tommy’s Little Girl (predictable)” and it centers on “a young girl raised in a Mafia family who is hidden away in an orphanage after her family is murdered by a rival crime boss. Now an attorney, she has a double life as an assassin avenging her family’s murder as she attempts to locate her last living relative.” Where have we heard this premise before? The show is the brainchild of writer Jorge Zamacona, who previously worked on “Oz” and “The Unusuals.”

Another project the network picked up (not from Foxx) is a comedy that centers on “a husband and father of two young girls who is discovered by the 19-year-old mixed-race son he never knew he had, throwing his mellow suburban family world into chaos.”  The show is called “Life is Good” and it comes from the minds of Chris Pappas and Mike Bernier.

Which series are you the most interested in seeing?

Source: THR