It’s no secret that George Lucas has become a billionaire off of a few choice franchises, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He’s received a lot of criticism for the new (and unnecessary) sequels he added to both films and according to a few recent reports he’s ready to add more. Over the weekend, there was a rumor circulating that Lucas had plans to direct yet ANOTHER trilogy in the 6-part Star Wars saga. But according to Ace Showbiz, that’s simply not true!

A spokesman for Lucas reached out to, to clear the air regarding the new trilogy speculation. “This is, of course, completely false, “George Lucas has plenty of projects to keep him busy right now – including plenty of Star Wars projects – but there are no new Star Wars feature films planned.” Thank God! With 6 movies, a TV show, several video games, and online spin-offs, how much story is there left to tell?

If you were looking forward to more Star Wars, you’ll have to deal with the 3D re-releases that are scheduled to hit theaters in 2012 instead. It’s not new material, but it’s been revamped to look a lot prettier.

Did you want to see another 3 movies in the Star Wars franchise? Are you happy it’s not happening?