Sunday night, an all new episode of “Dexter” aired on Showtime entitled, “First Blood” (If that doesn’t give you Rambo flashbacks you’re not human). For the majority of the show, Dexter was trying to be a positive influence for Lumen by keeping her away from the dark path that he’s taken. On the surface he seems genuine but there’s a part of it that makes us squirm because of the hypocrisy of it all. Check out the highlights from this week…

The Set-Up:

At the start of this week’s episode, Dexter meets up with Lumen for breakfast, and she’s still on edge following her traumatic experience. Although he tries to tell her she needs to get on with her life, Lumen is dead set on getting revenge and killing the other men involved in her rape and captivity. Dex even tries to help the healing process along by giving her a ticket to Minneapolis, but Lumen thinks Dexter’s gesture is just a means to get rid of her, so she storms off. [TV Guide]

Dexter the Hypocrite:

Similarly, Dexter’s insistence at keeping Lumen from seeking revenge seems quaint, futile, and totally hypocritical. In what way is Lumen really different from Dexter? She experienced an inhuman trauma, the details of which we still don’t totally know. At the very least she was gang-raped. And locked up bruised, scraped, and half-clothed for who knows how long. She asks for his help, but all Dexter gives her is a plane ticket home. He’s actively tracking the same guys she’s after, but he refuses to bring her in on it, supposedly for her own benefit. “I need to kill him so Lumen doesn’t have to,” Dexter says of their shared suspect. “I don’t want her down that road.” But isn’t it too late for that? Hasn’t she already turned down that road? How does it help her to keep her from the release he himself lives for? [Vulture]

Julia Stiles as Lumen:

Julia Stiles has been doing very well with what is, essentially, a very tricky role (although I could do without her touching her face every ten seconds). Her job here is to both be an obstacle and a confidant to Dexter while still trying to distinguish herself from the likes of Rita, Miguel, Lila and all the others who have played similar roles in Dexter’s life. She represents the best possible way for someone to find out about Dexter’s killer side-life; right from the outset. Her knowing who he is from the very beginning opens up a tremendous amount of possibilities. Yes, even romantic ones. Although the show is going to really have to work hard to make us buy into Lumen entering into a physical relationship with Dexter, or anyone for that matter, considering the traumatic “frisk” scene at the airport near the end of the episode. [IGN]

Deb and Quinn:

Dexter heads home where he finds Deb with Quinn, who gutsily tries to kiss Dex’s sister in front of him. Neither Deb nor Dexter know why Quinn’s not at work right now, but Dexter doesn’t care: he hates Deb dating Quinn, and I loved the confused, repulsed look on his face when she tried to explain what they’re up to. Dexter requests that Deb not bring Quinn around Harrison. [LA Times]

Gross-Out Scene of the Week:

This week’s cringe-worthy scene occurred when Deb and officer Manzon stumbled upon the home of the Santa Muerte killers’ first victims. They had been there a while, so bugs and maggots had long-since begun feeding on the corpses. (Here’s hoping you didn’t double up Dexter hour with dinner hour!) There were two positives that rose from this gross scene, however. One was that Deb spotted the symbol they had been investigating on a poster across the street from the crime scene. It turned out to be the logo for a local club, and the mark the victim had seen was likely a faded hand stamp. They had a new angle. The second was the fact that it gave the group a reason to reunite, as Masuka pointed out. It was nice to have that chemistry back. [EW]

What did you think of this week’s episode of Dexter?