Woo hoo! The CW has just revealed that they’re picking up full season orders for a couple freshman shows and a veteran. According to EW, the network will continue airing “Nikita,” “Hellcats,” and “One Tree Hill.” Yes, somehow that show is still going strong. How is it possible? The news is still breaking but here’s what we know so far…

The cheerleader-centric “Hellcats” “has averaged 2.5 million viewers, while “Nikita” stands as The CW’s second most-watched show with 3.6 million viewers — although a large chunk of that audience falls outside the net’s core 18-34 demo.” Unfortunately that means that they want to attract those younger viewers, and not necessarily the middle aged women and men who are familar with the French film and 90s television series from which the show is based.

They stated that we can expect a slight revamp in the show’s future in the form of a love interest.

Among said tweaks is the introduction of several new characters, including a confidant and potential love interest for Nikita who’s described as a clean-cut, all-American CIA case officer. “Moms want to marry off their daughters to this kid,” reads the casting notice. “But he’s too busy saving the world.”

Why can’t they just use Owen? Devon Sawa has been amazing over the course of his two episode stint and he would be a great foil for Michael. Speaking of Mike, if they’re so pressed to add some loving to the series they should amp up the obvious relationship they’re building between him and Alex. Problem solved.

What do you think of The CW’s latest pick ups?