The freaks come out and night and the majority of them are drawn to the horror sequel, Paranormal Activity 2. Thursday evening, fans of the film lined up in droves across the country to attend the first midnight screenings of the sequel, and all their dedication paid off big for the studio. PA 2 broke a box office record while simultaneously scaring the sh*t out of viewers.

According to EW, Paranormal Activity grossed $6.3. million from its midnight shows alone on Thursday night. The number might not sound like much in comparison to the latest comic book or sci-fi movie, but you have to understand that it’s rated R. That’s a big gross for a film that has an age limit put on its audience.

The film’s numbers toppled the previous R rated midnight champ, 2009′s Watchmen. It also broke the record for the widest October midnight release, which was set by Jackass 3D a mere week ago. This is a good sign that the sequel will pass its predecessor’s opening weekend of $21 million.

We’re not surprised that the film made this much money because Paramount has been heavily promoting it as a “midnight movie.” This falls into place with their marketing strategy and people are eating it right up.

Did you go and see Paranormal Activity 2 last night? Do you plan on seeing it this weekend?