What would happen if the Queen of Daytime, joined forces with the greatest actress alive and America’s sweetheart? Would the world implode? I guess we’ll find out with the upcoming comedy from Sex and the City director Michael Patrick King. The project is currently untitled but it will star Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, and Sandra Bullock.

The film will be set in the world of “home shopping” and center on three characters who were written specifically with Winfrey, Bullock, and Streep in mind. Seriously, they’ll pretty much be playing over exaggerated versions of themselves in the movie. The story will follow the women as they maneuver around marketing, marriage, and media. As if they don’t all know a little something about that.

Now that Winfrey’s talk show is in its final season, she could spare a few months to shoot a feature film. The movie will be produced by Scott Stuber and distributed through Universal Pictures.

We wonder who they’ll get to play the husbands of these women? They’re all very strong and opinionated. They’ll need some men who won’t disappear into the background when sharing a scene.

What do you think of the premise and the cast of this film?

Source: Coming Soon