Liam Neeson is in everything! Seriously, who is this man’s agent?! Over the past few years he’s been working non-stop and now not only is he taking parts offered to him, he’s taking parts that belonged to other people. Case in point, Mel Gibson was recently dropped from appearing in the sequel The Hangover 2 because the cast and crew highly opposed it. Therefore, they tapped Bradley Cooper’s A-Team co-star Neeson to take his place. No one had an objection to that!

This casting news comes from THR, who are reporting that Neeson has been confirmed as Gibson’s replacement. The speed of his hiring makes us wonder if they had him on stand by this whole time? He already has a professional relationship with one of the film’s stars, and he’s not in the midst of a PR disaster that involves voicemails or racial slurs. Neeson would seem like a more logical choice from the start.

The actor’s not afraid to make fun of himself, so he’ll play the role of a tattoo artist who the four main characters encounter during a night of craziness. The trade emphasized that it was indeed Cooper who played a huge role in getting Neeson the part.

We wonder if he’ll sport his Irish accent in the movie? We hope so!

What do you think of Neeson replacing Gibson?