What has Dax Shepard gotten himself into now? The star on the NBC comedy “Parenthood” is moonlighting on the big screen in the new film, Brother’s Justice. Does it sound like an episode of “Walker Texas Ranger?” Sure it does, but it stars Shepard, which means it’s going to be fun and hilarious so give it a chance! Check out the official poster below…

Official Synopsis:

In an attempt to reinvent his career, actor Dax Shepard makes the rash decision to abandon comedy in pursuit of his true dream: to become an internationally-renown martial arts star. Without any formal martial arts training, nor adequate funding for his ‘blockbuster’ action movie script, Dax enlists the help of his buddies including producer Nate Tuck and actor Tom Arnold. Together, they fight to realize Dax’s true passion while facing rejection at every turn. With maniacal conviction, Dax journeys on a bizarre path that becomes increasingly nonsensical and destructive, all at the expense and exploitation of his personal and professional relationships.

Not only is this a hilarious satire of Hollywood, it’s Shepard’s directorial debut! He co-directs the film alongside David Palmer. The duo must have called in some favors because Brother’s Justice features cameos from Bradley Cooper, Jon Favreau, Ashton Kutcher, and David Koechner, among others.

Brother’s Justice will make its world premiere this weekend at the Austin Film Festival.

What do you think of the poster? Doesn’t it make you want to laugh?