Last week NBC was renewing shows left and right, and now it’s CBS’ turn. Unlike the peacock network, CBS actually has some solid hits on their roster, instead of a string of mediocre and under-performing shows. According to Reuters, they’ve just given full season orders to all 5 of their freshman programs including Hawaii Five-O, “Blue Bloods,” “Mike and Molly,” “$#*! My Dad Says,” and “The Defendors.”

CBS reveals that all of their new shows have performed competitively in their respective time slots, which is more than we can say about the defunct “Lone Star” and “My Generation.” “Hawaii Five-O” has averaged 14.2 million viewers; “Blue Bloods,” 12.7 million; “The Defenders,” 11.3 million; “Mike & Molly,” 12.3 million, and “$#*!,” 11.3 million. To be honest, we had no idea that any of these shows were raking in that many viewers.

“Blue Bloods” is a Friday night show and usually the ratings aren’t that great but 12.7 million is exceptional for its time slot. “Mike and Molly” wreaks of an eighties situation comedy so that was a shocker, but “Hawaii Five-O” isn’t really a surprise. We think its a success because of the title recognition, the fun writing, and the die hard fan bases of Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim (“Lost”), and Grace Park (“Battlestar Gallactica”).

Are you surprised that CBS picked up all of these shows? Which one do you watch on a regular basis?