As anyone who has followed this show can tell you, Liz Lemon is not the most sexual character in TV history. Her problems with intimacy are explored in this episode, as Jack decides he will get to the bottom of what has been troubling her. Read the review for more details…

The Players:

Episode Title: “Reaganing

Jack has nearly spent 24 hours solving problems perfectly, a feat he calls Reaganing, so when he learns that Liz is on her way to the airport to break up with Carol due to her inability to perform sexually, he takes it upon himself to discover the root of her problem. In the meantime, Tracy tries to fulfill his community service obligations by filming a promo for The Boys and Girls Club of America, but keeps forgetting his one line. Back at the studio, Jenna hatches a scheme to rip-off a nearby Carvel location, and enlists Kenneth to help her carry out the plot.

The Good:

  • Kelsey Grammer: “30 Rock” always manages to score some funny guest stars, and Kelsey Grammer was no exception, joining Kenneth and Jenna on “one-last grift,” much like a seasoned criminal from a heist film. His best line: “I only have one condition…if anyone gets hurt on this operation, we leave him behind.”
  • Reaganing“: Jack’s obsession with the celebrated Republican President is still good fodder for laughs; the fact that he names the experience of having a perfectly successful day after him is funny, but this line is funnier: “Only three people have successfully Reaganed a whole day: Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch, and-no judgement here-Saddam Hussein.”
  • “Sex Makes the People Go Away”: One of Liz’s defining traits is her aversion to sex, and this episode eventually provides an explanation via a flashback to her childhood involving roller skates and a Tom Jones poster. It’s all starting to make sense…

The So-So:

  • Jenna and Kenneth: The set-up for the grift gets some laughs in, but the actual execution is a little redundant. Jenna wants to make money, Kenneth wants to be her friend, and that’s more or less all there is to the joke. Things don’t get too entertaining until Kelsey Grammer arrives.

The Bad:

  • Tracy: Tracy is perhaps the most fun and spontaneous character on this show, so it’s tough to make him the worst part of an episode, but sadly, such was the case last night. The idea of him forgetting a simple line has comedy potential, but the concept isn’t milked for what it’s worth. He just comes off as obnoxious and frustrating.
  • Carol: Sadly, Matt Damon did not show up last night, but what’s worse is that the writers are still trying to make us believe that Carol and Liz have a future together, especially in the wake of Liz’s sexual breakthrough. We, the audience, knows that he is Matt Damon and will therefore never have a regular role on this show. There is no point in pretending that this will be Liz’s first successful relationship.


It wasn’t a terrific episode, but some clever lines and a major breakthrough for Liz made this one enjoyable enough, although it was uneven at times.

Rating: 7/10

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