This week’s episode of “Law and Order: Los Angeles” is entitled “Sylmar” and it delves into the world of extreme religion and terrorism. We’ve seen these types of stories told before but rarely a case like this. The detectives and the ADA were shocked to discover who was behind several violent anti-American acts, including the murder of two innocent children. Check out the review…

The Players:

Episode Title: “Sylmar”

Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigate a truck bombing that caused the death of two children. The incident leads them into a case of homegrown terrorists led by an extremist named Terry Walker. Walker is engaged to a woman named Amy Powell, whose brother Ronnie happened to be a meth dealer, a job they were highly opposed to. He had to be stopped, therefore Terry put a bomb in his garage/meth lab to end his dealings permanently but it inadvertently caused the death of a couple innocent bystanders.

The Good:

  • Dee Wallace: Where has Dee Wallace been for the past 20 years? The actress whose most famous films include Kujo and The Howling appeared in this week’s episode as Ronnie and Amy’s completely out of touch mother.
  • Amy’s a Muslim Extremist: “Law and Order: Los Angeles” actually surprised us when it was revealed that Amy was a Muslim extremist. Who the hell saw that coming? It turned out to be the tip of the ice berg because she along with her fiance were both part of an American jihad terrorist group.

The So-So:

  • Terrence Howard: Howard’s acting has improved significantly from his first episode on the show a couple weeks ago. I know he’s a decent actor but his previous performance was less than stellar. This week, he seemed more comfortable in his role and in his element. Hopefully, he keeps this up.

The Bad:

  • Military Pulls Rank: Just when we thought Dekker had the upper hand on Amy and Terry, the military came in and ruined everything. They pulled rank and decided to give the duo a private trail at a military tribunal and charge them with treason and other terrorist acts instead of the murder of two young children. Boo!
  • Defensive Lawyer: Was it just me or was Mr. Garfield, the defense lawyer, almost as insane as his clients? He couldn’t even give a complete opening statement without going off on a tangent about terrorism and the murder of Muslim women. He just couldn’t stay on track.


This week’s episode was mildly entertaining and showcased a story that we rarely hear about in the media. White American terrorists who’ve converted to extreme Islam and support their dangerous views.

Rating: 7/10

“Law and Order: Los Angeles airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on NBC

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