Clint Eastwood has reunited with his Invictus star Matt Damon for the supernatural film, Hereafter. It asks the question of: what happens after you die? And it places a microscope on the legitimacy of psychics and mediums. With an international cast including actors from England and France, the director pulls together 3 stories that focus on one major theme: life after death. Check out the review…

The Players:

  • Director: Clint Eastwood
  • Screenwriter: Peter Morgan
  • Cast: Matt Damon, Cécile De France, Frankie McLaren, George McLaren, Jay Mohr, Thierry Neuvic, Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Cinematography: Tom Stern
  • Original Music By: Clint Eastwood

The Plot:

Hereafter weaves together the story of a famous French news anchor, Marie LeLay (De France), a psychic turned factory worker, George Lonegan (Damon), and a young British boy named Marcus (McLaren). After vacationing off the coast of an island Marie finds herself in the middle of a tropical storm where she’s severely injured and drowns only to come back to life several minutes later. After experiencing such an event, she begins to have visions of the “other side,” which causes her to become an outsider amongst her professional and personal peers.

George is a San Francisco man who previously used his special abilities for profit but felt the pressure and fame had become too much. Then there’s Marcus, a boy whose twin brother is struck down by a car and killed. Left as an only child, he’s taken out of the custody of his drug addicted mother and put into foster care. It’s there that he goes on a search to find a medium who can help him reach the other side so he can talk to his dead brother one last time.

The Good:

  • Frankie and George McLaren: The young actors who play the twins Marcus and Jason did an amazing job. To say that they stole the film would be an understatement. They had to display so many different emotions such as sadness, fear, shock, and they did it all flawlessly.

The Bad:

  • The Music: Eastwood once again had a hand in the music for this film, which was a bad choice. At times, the score seemed out of place. There were also scenes when it was too loud and overbearing, most notably at the end, when Damon’s character has a revelation. The violins swell up to a deafening peak that make a rather serious moment seem cheesy.
  • The Narrative Structure: There are 3 storylines and unfortunately, I didn’t care about any of them. Two of them have an obvious connection but you have to wait a while for the third to come around, and when it finally does, you’re not really interested.
  • The Story: The story is boring. Perhaps on paper the concept of Hereafter sounds amazing but it doesn’t translate well onto the screen. It’s not visually interesting. The only thing that catches your attention is the opening scene that features a huge tidal wave engulfing a town. Other than that, yawn.
  • The Pace: It takes entirely too long for this movie to find its point. Out of the 3, Marcus’ story was the worst. You could see George and Marie slowly inching towards each other, and when they finally do meet, Marcus gets thrown in like an after thought.


Hereafter is not entertaining at all. The performances are decent but the story never gets off the ground.

Rating: 4/10

Hereafter opens in theaters on October 22nd.

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Do you plan on seeing Hereafter this weekend?