Conan O’Brien is once again taking the marketing plan for his new TV show to the next level. First it was his once a day tweets, then his extreme commercials, and now he has the “Coco Cam.” What’s the Coco Cam you ask? It’s a 24 hour live stream of the late night host that chronicles his daily activities. It’s like a mini-reality show but more entertaining and with better acting.

The Coco Cam is set up at the new offices for O’Brien’s TV show simply titled, “Conan.” It’s a camera mounted in a stairwell that captures all the ins and outs of the building. The camera went live on Wednesday, October 20th and in a 24 hour time period people have been flocking to the feed, which is more than a little creepy. Seriously, some weird stuff goes down in that stairwell (80s aerobic sessions anyone?) and the TeamCoco website gives you hourly highlights.

The Coco Cam is only supposed to run until 1PM this afternoon, but who knows, O’Brien might make this a regular fixture on his new show. Plenty of wacky antics have already taken place during such a short period of time and we wouldn’t be surprised if some of it made it to TBS on November 8th when “Conan” premieres.

Have you watched the Coco Cam? Do you think it’s weird or fun?