***Update: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s website denies the reports that he had a heart attack. If anyone can clarify please leave us a comment or e-mail in to tips@screencrave.com***

Legendary action star Jean-Claude Van Damme has had a set back. According to several reports, the Belgian actor recently suffered a heart attack while on the set of his new movie Weapon. Before you get too worried, Van Damme is alive and well and recuperating as we speak but yesterday his fans and those around him were scared for his life.

When we think of Jean-Claude Van Damme, we think of someone who’s fit, tone, and unstoppable. The actor just turned 50 and has kept up with his famous physique unlike a lot of other 80s action heroes (What happened to you Steven Seagal?). Production on Van Damme’s film was stalled this week due to “unexplained complications,” which we’re assuming was the actor’s health scare.

He suffered what’s being classified as a minor heart attack and was rushed to a local New Orleans hospital where he was shooting. “His wife and mother of two of his children, Gladys Portugues, joined him in New Orleans following the event and it now appears that he will make a full recovery.” His representatives sent an email message to MTV stating that “He is okay.”

Tip: One of our readers, Dan Bloom sent in an email stating that Van Damme’s heart attack was very real. It was mild but it did occur. Can anyone else verify?

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