At the 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards Anthony Hopkins made an appearance to introduce the world premiere of the trailer for his new film, The Rite. It’s filled with all the things a horror thriller should have: death, the Devil, demons, and Hopkins. The film is based on real life events that center on the legitimacy of demonic possession and the Vatican’s attempt to cover it up. Check out the trailer…

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Inspired by true events, “The Rite” follows skeptical seminary student Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donoghue), who reluctantly attends exorcism school at the Vatican. While in Rome, he meets an unorthodox priest, Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins), who introduces him to the darker side of his faith. Directed by Mikael Hafstroem (“1408″), “The Rite” is a supernatural thriller that uncovers the devil’s reach to even one of the holiest places on Earth.

“The interesting thing about skeptics is that they’re always searching for proof. Question is, what on earth would we do if we found it?” That quote from Hopkins pretty much sums up the premise of this film. The young priest tries to avoid what’s right in front of him because he can’t handle it.

Whenever a supernatural film is based on actual events it amps up the creepy factor. Sure, a lot of stuff can be embellished for dramatic effect but the basic premise is real. And that’s truly horrifying!

The Rite hits theaters on January 28, 2011.

What do you think of the first trailer for The Rite?

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