Usually actors want the general public to see their movies, but Oscar winner Adrien Brody doesn’t feel that way about his latest film entitled, Giallo. It’s a straight to DVD release from director Dario Argento, and Brody is suing to keep it off shelves.

According to Brody, he was never paid his salary of $640,000 for starring in the film. He claims that after a week of filming Giallo he learned that “producers Richard Rionda and Rafael Primorac had failed to deposit a portion of his fee into an escrow account as required in his contract.” In order to keep his concerns at bay, they gave him a little leverage. They made a new agreement that “expressly granted the absolute right to withhold consent to the use of his likeness in the picture until he was paid the full amount of the $640,000 that he deferred.”

The film was made in 2008 and Brody never got his money. He can’t necessarily stop the movie from being sold but he can stop them from using his image without his permission. He’s contacted a Federal judge and asked them to stop the DVD for that reason. He’s been going back and forth with the producers since March attempting to recoup his pay but to no avail.

On Friday, the judge denied the Plaintiff’s emergency motion for a restraining order, so the Court will not issue an injunction in time to prevent the DVD release tomorrow. It could still conceivably order the producers to take the movie off the shelves at a later date, though a more likely outcome is a confidential settlement and dismissal of the lawsuit before the Court has a chance to act.

It sounds like Brody got screwed out a chunk of money because he had faith in the wrong people. Seeing that most of us have never heard of Giallo we doubt that it will make an obscene amount on DVD. The only publicity it’s gotten thus far involves this legal dispute.

Do you think Brody is right to sue?

Source: CNN, Cinematical