Jessica Alba is known for her beauty and amping up her sexuality. Despite the photo spreads she’s done in the past and the barely there wardrobe she’s worn in films, the actress has never done nudity. She’s always spoken out against it and has said multiple times that she has no interest in putting her naked flesh on screen.

This seemed like a contradiction when Alba appeared in the Robert Rodriquez flick Machete where she was shown in a shower scene with nothing but her arm covering her assets. So what happened to her famous no-nudity clause? It turns out she never shot that scene in the buff, and the computers did it for her.

According to the Daily Mail, Alba originally shot the Machete shower scene in her underwear then the digital effects team removed them in post production. Now photos have surfaced online that show the real scene from the film compared to the one altered by CGI. Take a look…

What do you think? We haven’t heard Alba vocally express any anger regarding Rodriguez’s decision to remove her clothing so she must not be that upset about it. Maybe she’s uncomfortable with the actual act of being naked on camera but not the “illusion.”

Also, Alba has been cast as the lead in Rodriguez’s Spy Kids 4, so she obviously doesn’t have a problem working with him again. This whole thing is just weird. The shower scene in the movie is literally 5 seconds long and pointless. The fact that they put all that extra work in for an insignificant scene is kind of worrisome. Are we that hung up on T&A in movies? That time and energy could have gone into something else. There was more than enough nakedness to go around. Is it cheaper to digitally alter nudity than it is to hire a body double? What was their logic?

What do you think of the naked switcheroo? Was it necessary/unnecessary?