Can we just nail down a lead for the Alien prequel already? It seems that a new potential star appears in the news every week and this one is no different. According to a report from Bloody Disgusting, James Franco and Anne Hathaway have both been added to the list of candidates to star in the new Ridley Scott film. We can put them alongside the other 2,945 actors who are also rumored for the project.

The site claims that both actors are being looked at as potential leads in the 20th Century Fox prequel, which will have a screenplay written by Damon Lindelof. Not much is known about the plot of the film but we’ve heard that the story takes place a good 35 years before the first Alien. In other words, this one will be pre-Ellen Ripley.

Franco is one of the first male actors we’ve heard mentioned in the casting round up for the film. So far, it’s been all ladies attempting to fill the shoes that Sigourney Weaver left vacant. Does Anne Hathaway look tough enough to pick up where she left off? We don’t know. She’s a great dramatic and comedic actress, but has she ever done serious horror or action?

What do you think of Franco and Hathaway making the list for Alien?