Yesterday, there was a lot of buzz online regarding the leaked teaser trailer for Scream 4. It debuted at the Spike TV Scream Awards over the weekend, and gave us our first glimpse at the new trilogy. For the most part we were unimpressed. There were a lot of flashes, cuts, and screams but nothing to write home about. Today a new version has been released that features more footage that wasn’t shown in the previous one. Let’s see if the new stuff makes any difference. Take a look…

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The first thing we notice is the new dialogue. Rory Culkin’s character is obviously taking a note from the Jamie Kennedy role in the original Scream. He’s all about the rules of killing and how they’ve changed. The unexpected is the new cliche and virgins can die now. Which is interesting considering that was the thing that kept Sidney Prescott alive in the first one, while all her slutty friends were getting decapitated with garage doors.

It looks like the Scream series has gone viral and Ghostface will begin recording and documenting his murders. It’s the easiest way to introduce the character to a new generation run by YouTube and social networking. Are we interested in this new take on the contemporary classic? We think the Saw series has already ruined the voyeuristic horror genre for us.

Scream 4 hits theaters on April 15th

What do you think of the new Scream 4 trailer?