Yesterday, there were rumors that Mel Gibson would attempt to breathe new life into his career by appearing in the sequel, The Hangover 2. Right now, it’s the comedy of the moment and everyone wants to be a part of it so we’re not surprised that he’s shown interest. What started off as pure speculation has been confirmed by the trades. Not only will Gibson appear in the film but he’ll play a tattoo artist. Would you trust him with a needle?

THR is reporting that Gibson’s part in The Hangover 2 is a “done deal” and filming is set to take place shortly on the Warner Bros lot. According to sources close to the project his role as a tattoo artist is pivotal to the plot, “which features one of the characters going under the needle during a night of debauchery.” In other words, he’ll fill the Mike Tyson void in this film.

In the first movie, Tyson was one of the people the main characters wronged during their drunken Las Vegas trip. He had a small part but he helped them get closer to finding their lost friend Phil. Maybe Gibson will simply aid them in their new search for answers? He could help them connect the dots.

Even though the trade is confirming his involvement, the actor’s rep declined to comment. We guess they’re upset because the surprise was ruined.

What do you think of Gibson joining The Hangover 2? Can it save his career?