When a clumsy pallbearer causes two bodies to roll out of one casket, Beckett and Castle must investigate a wide array of suspects all centered around one thing: romance. Speaking of which, what will happen when Castle’s ex-wife Gina shows up? Find out in our review of “Anatomy of a Murder.”

The Players:

  • Director: John Terlesky
  • Writer: Terence Paul Winter
  • Cast: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Molly C. Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Tamala Jones, Michael Cassidy

Episode Title: “Anatomy of a Murder”

This week’s investigation sends Beckett and Castle to a county hospital where they encounter prison break plans, heartache, and touching love stories. Gina wants to bond with Alexis, placing a strain on her relationship with Castle. Meanwhile, Beckett and Castle get closer than ever.

The Good:

  • Castle and Beckett Caught Up in Love: Love letters, that is. We finally get to hear Castle tell Beckett that he loves her, even if the extent of their romance is making eye contact while reading other people’s love letters aloud.
  • Outside References: “Seriously?” “Seriously.” Seriously, though, the victim’s tie to the hospital opened up some serious opportunities to parody another ABC hit show, “Grey’s Anatomy.” Including the epic line: “Turns out Greg isn’t McDreamy or McSteamy-he’s McSchemey!” But that’s not all, the prison break aspect also gave us some references to the movie The Shawshank Redemption and former jailbird Martha Stewart.
  • All’s Well that End’s Well: Esposito tells Castle why he wouldn’t break him out of prison. Beckett drops in: “Don’t worry, Castle, I’d break you out.” And the heat is on. Nikki Heat, that is, as we’re all hoping the plotline follows the romantic turn of last year’s Nikki Heat, the first novel released by the fictional Richard Castle.

The Weird:

  • Gina’s Reappearance: So Gina wants to visit her daughter Alexis every once in a while. We get it. But why does Gina have to be around right when Castle and Beckett’s relationship is closer than ever?

The Quotable:

  • Suspect: “Everything’s better in Spanish.”
  • Lanie: “Looks like somebody gave her 20 cc of death”
  • Beckett: “Lovers reunite after 3 years. where would you go?”
    Castle: “A motel.”
  • Castle: “Nothing says ‘I’m an Ass’ like some helium-filled rubber”


Undoubtedly the most romantic episode of Season 3, how will Castle and Beckett’s relationship grow next week?

Rating: 9.5/10

“Castle” airs Monday on ABC at 10 PM

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