Conan O’Brien’s promos are getting more and more extreme. His last commercial featured him washing his office desk outside with a water hose, while Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” played in the background. Was it fun to watch? Yes. Was it completely unnecessary? Absolutely. This time he’s taking it a step further by bringing out his inner Tom Cruise circa Mission Impossible 2. Find out what we mean below…

O’Brien starts with the set up. He’s going to drive a 1969 Dodge Dart off Devil’s Drop Canyon, but this isn’t just any car. The trunk is filled with 80 pounds of plastique explosives and 40 gallons of gasoline, the passenger seats are packed with illegal fireworks (from New Hampshire), and under the hood there’s 600 pounds of un-popped popcorn. This man obviously has something to prove.

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How is it that this two minute ad looks better than most action movies in theaters right now? Who knew O’Brien could believably throw a punch? Most importantly, who knew he could wear a leather jacket, relaxed jeans, and sun glasses without looking like a clown?

“Conan” premieres on November 8th on TBS at 11 PM

What do you think of Conan O’Brien’s latest promo? Is it too extreme?