Today, NBC announced their plan to continue with the sci-fi series “The Event,” the spin-off “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” and the new international comedy, “Outsourced.” Following their decision to pick up 9 more episodes of “Chuck,” they have ordered a full season of the three shows.

The Fall 2010 season hasn’t had the best start. None of the new shows on any network have been deemed as breakout hits. CBS got decent ratings with their “Hawaii Five-O” revival but other than that everything’s been lackluster. Two of the three shows that NBC has decided to keep have run into trouble. “The Event’s” ratings have declined week by week and the same goes for “Law & Order: Los Angeles. “Outsourced” on the other hand, has shown improvement, which is a great feat considering it’s the only new series on Thursday nights.

The only good thing “The Event” has going for it are its DVR playback ratings. People aren’t watching it live but they are recording it, which is better than nothing. As for “Law & Order” we’re assuming it’s staying afloat because of the cult status that comes with the name because we review the series on a weekly basis and it’s horrible. It has zero suspense, the acting is terrible, and the writing is boring. They should have just left the original on the air.

What do you think of NBC’s decision to pick up The Event, Outsourced, and Law & Order: Los Angeles? Do they all deserve to stay on the air?

Source: NY Times