We knew this would happen sooner or later. Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe have somehow morphed into the same person — sort of. Both actors headline lucrative and youth driven film franchises with Twilight and Harry Potter, and they both have die hard fans all over the world. But what would happen if they switched places? What if Radcliffe played an emo, manorexic vampire who sparkles in the sun? Find out when you tune in to a special episode of ” The Simpsons.”

Next month on November 7th, the long running animated series will once again air their annual “Tree House of Horror” episode, where Radcliffe will voice a character who looks vaguely familiar. Oh, who are we kidding, he looks just like Edward Cullen from the Twilight series but instead of having Pattinson voice his alter ego they reached out to Radcliffe.

In the episode, the character will be a vampire boy modeled after Cullen whose name is, wait for it…Edmund. He will fall in love with Lisa, who’ll play a Bella-type role, and Homer will try to keep them apart so his daughter doesn’t get turned into a bloodsucker. There’s no word on whether or not a Jacob/werewolf character will also appear in the story. But if he does, we think Rupert Grint would be the perfect person to play him.

What do you think of Radcliffe voicing a Pattinson-like character?

Source: Zap2it