We knew that the MTV super hit “Jersey Shore” wouldn’t skate by untouched by those comedic geniuses over at “South Park.” Sooner or later, the show would go in on them and they recently did. They gave them their best, especially the dwarf of the group, Snooki. She was portrayed as some half human half creature of the night, which we can’t find the right words to describe. You’ll just have to see for yourself…

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This footage was taken from Wednesday’s episode entitled, “It’s a Jersey Thing.” As you can see the town is being terrorized by a creature who strongly resembles Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from “Jersey shore. The sight of it makes our stomach curl, but we still managed to get a laugh out of the whole thing.

Snooki wasn’t the only one being made fun of that night. The whole cast and their over pumped, over tanned, over gelled lifestyles was put on full blast by the “South Park” team. We also saw a couple glimpses of the cast of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” They were like creatures from another planet, a planet called Jersey. They really are taking over.

What did you think of the South Park episode? Did you think it was funny?

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