This week, theaters will be filled with a wide range and movies, and we mean a wide range. First, there’s the return of Johnny Knoxville and his crew for the stunt-fest Jackass 3D. If you were a fan of the show and have a thing for watching pointless, mindless skits, this film’s for you! Next, we have Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren in the geriatric action flick RED, which centers on a group of retired assassins (Retired Extremely Dangerous to be exact), who are being hunted down and killed by the government.

More upcoming movies…

The other wide release this week features Hilary Swank with an obvious Oscar bid for her performance in Conviction. The film follows the case of Kenneth Waters (Sam Rockwell) of Massachusetts, who was charged and convicted of murder in 1983. His sister, who was his sole champion, decided to put herself through law school so she could become a lawyer and find new evidence to free him.


Jackass 3D:

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What movie are you interested in seeing this weekend?