The first trailer has been released for Gus Van Sant’s latest film, Restless. The movie is a shared venture between Columbia and Imagine Entertainment and stars Alice in Wonderland’s Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper. Yes, Hopper as is the son of the late great Dennis, and he looks like a spitting image of his dad. Take a look…

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Official Synopsis:

“From Imagine Entertainment comes a powerful and emotional coming of age story, a remarkable film told with honesty and originality that will leave audiences moved. In the film, two outsiders, both shaped by the circumstances that have brought them together, forge a deep and lasting love. Directed by Gus Van Sant, one of the most astute observers of people living life on the edge, comes a take on friendship and young love as engaging and true as it is provocative and stirring.”

It seems like we have another “I’m fascinated with death until it gets too close” story here. Restless has a very Harold and Maude vibe to it but without the old woman, and the massive age difference. A few questions have to be raised about the story such as: why does the boy have an imaginary friend? Who is he and where does he come from? What’s with his obsession with death and funerals? Really, who crashes funerals?

Restless is scheduled to hit theaters on January 28, 2011.

What do you think of the first trailer for Restless?

Source: Moviefone