We know that this is Steve Carell’s last season on “The Office,” and as such, it’s likely that there will be some dramatic developments for Michael that lead to his departure. The ball got rolling in this episode entitled, “Sex Ed,” when he got in touch with a few people from his past who put things in perspective for him. Read the review to find out more…

The Players:

Episode Title: “Sex Ed”

When Michael learns that he may have contracted Herpes, he decides to contact all of his ex-girlfriends to deduce who could have given it to him, and vice versa. Back at the office, Andy conducts a sexual education meeting in a roundabout effort to learn more about Erin’s sex life.

The Good:

  • Pre-credits: We’re into season seven now, and Dwight Schrute is still a character we can depend on to make us laugh. The pre-credits scene of this episode, in which he mangles the Spanish language in an attempt to trick day laborers, has nothing to do with the plot, but it’s classic Dwight.
  • Holly’s Back: Holly Flax made a return, albeit in the form of a phone call with Michael. Sure, it was just her voice, but we all know she’s going to be with Michael in the end, and it was nice to have her presence back in the show.
  • The Dangers of Sex: While educating the office on the dangers of sex, Andy creates a “pro” and “con” chart to organize all the potential consequences of sexual activity. By the end of this process, he has a lengthy list on the “pro” side, with only one item on the “con” side: STDs.
  • Michael Learns a Lot: What was originally supposed to be a day spent tracking down the source of his Herpes became a journey of personal discovery for Michael when Holly told him that he has a tendency to romanticize his relationships. On one hand, this is true, and by visiting his ex-girlfriends, he comes to realize as much. On the other hand, spending a few minutes with all of them only serves to highlight the fact that they can’t hold a candle to Holly.

The So-So:

  • Andy’s feelings: This Andy/Erin subplot isn’t as emotionally engaging as some of the others this show has featured. Maybe it’s because Erin seems to exist solely to be cute; there’s not much chemistry there. Whatever the reason, the time spent on this subject is always a little slow-moving. Sure, it’d be nice to see them get together, but we don’t need to take so long getting there.

The Bad:

  • Office Relationships: While Michael and Dwight tracked down Michael’s ex-girlfriends, the atmosphere at the office felt a little chilly, with everyone ganging up on Meredith for her promiscuity and Andy for his tendency to divert people’s attention for trivial reasons. It felt like we were watching a drama about a suburban family with unresolved issues, instead of a sitcom.


Not much stood out as particularly hilarious, but almost nothing stood out as particularly sub-par. Michael made progress, Dwight provided the laughs, and there were enough clever bits back at the office to make up for the tension.

Rating: 7.5/10

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