Marvel has joined forces with ABC to bring The Incredible Hulk back to the small screen. The character hasn’t appeared in a feature film since 2008, and is slated to make his debut with Mark Ruffalo in 2012′s The Avengers, but while we’re waiting on that the studio is working on his segue back into television. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because ABC is owned by Disney, who also happens to own Marvel. Yep, coincidence? We think not.

The last time the character appeared in a regular live action television series was in 1978, when CBS made body builder Lou Ferrigno a star for playing the bulky, green monster. Do you know what we smell? We smell every one and their mother trying to fill that void that’s going to be left when “Smallville” ends in May. There will be a superhero slot open and if The Hulk doesn’t fill it we’re sure the new “Wonder Woman” reboot will. The network is currently in the early stages of development and are on the look out for a writer.

“The Hulk is the giant, green, bulked-up and raging alter ego of quiet physicist Bruce Banner that was the result of Banner’s exposure to radiation in a gamma bomb explosion. Unlike other superheroes, Banner has no control over his alter ego and involuntarily transforms into the Hulk every time he gets angry.”

What do you think of The Hulk heading back to television? Is it a wise decision considering the upcoming films?

Source: Deadline