It’s almost here! The 200th episode of “Smallville” airs tonight on the CW to the excitement of fans everywhere. It’s entitled “Homecoming” and it takes Clark and Lois Lane back to Smallville High where they attend a reunion. They’re both flooded with memories, which gives the show an easy way to give us plenty of nostalgia as we near the end of the series. Take a look…

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The episode starts off with Clark and Lois returning to Smallville High for a reunion, unfortunately things get off to a rocky start for Lois — no one remembers her as a student. To be honest, I barely remember that she was a student (was she?). She also finds herself hitting a brick wall when she’s confronted by all of these memories of Clark’s high school love, Lana Lang.

That’s in the past, so as for the future, showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Sounders recently revealed what we can expect to go down before “Smallville” wraps.

“Over the last couple of years we’ve been introducing more and more characters from the DC world and acknowledging that world on a greater level,” she says. “For us it’s a lot of fun.” “We promised this wouldn’t just be a season of reflection; it would be pushing forward,” he says. “So that’s why , in addition to Aquaman and Supergirl that we’re bringing in from the past, we brought in Deadshot [two weeks ago] and Booster Gold, and probably a couple other people we want to bring in — so it feels fresh.”

Booster Gold? That guy never sat right with me but everyone else is a win!

Are you excited about tonight’s episode?

Source: Zap2it