Her husband’s a doctor, her home is in the South of France, and her kids are tennis proteges – while many pretentious women bask in the white collar lifestyle, Kristin Scott Thomas can’t run faster. Both written and directed by Catherine Corsini, the French film Leaving has a nationwide limited release this Friday.

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The Players:

  • Written/Directed by: Catherine Corsini
  • Producers: Michel Seydoux, Fabienne Vonier
  • Cast: Kristin Scott Thomas, Sergi Lopez, Yvann Ital

The Plot:

Suzanne (Scott Thomas) appears to have the life. The film opens on a lovely day in Nime, France. The stay at home mom decides it’s time to go back to work as a physiotherapist, and her husband agrees to build a consulting room for her in their backyard. When Suzanne meets the man hired for construction, the mutual attraction is obvious. Dramatics ensue.

The Good:

  • Kristin Scott Thomas: Performance-wise this woman never fails to please. Whether you’re siding with Suzanne or not, this character’s deep seeded pain and anxiety is evident and quite believable.
  • Visual: Southern France is obviously stunning.

The Bad:

  • Mixed Message: I applaud any female abandoning the ever so enticing life of material luxury for love and love alone – even if it means “reducing” oneself to a pay check to pay check existence. In the case of  Suzanne, however,  up and leaving your children in the middle of the night without of peep of explanation only to later rob them of their belongings seems like a pretty shabby move. If you don’t like your circumstances, change them by all means – but tend to your responsibilities appropriately. No divorce happens gracefully, but I’m certain one can happen with civility. It was difficult to totally root for Suzanne and her new found love (!) when it appeared as though she was lashing out like a teenager. If you’re not “rooting” for your protagonist, chances are, you’re not going to like the film .


Overall, there’s nothing particularly memorable about Leaving, good or bad.

Rating: 3/10

Out in select theaters now!

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