This week’s episode of “Fringe” entitled, “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep” brought us closer to the dark side of Alt-Olivia’s plan. Just when we think she’s going to get caught she finds a way to get out of revealing the truth, whether it’s through lies or sex. Walter gets accustomed to his new Massive Dynamic office, which Nina surprisingly has no problem with (what’s that all about?), and a close friend of Broyles turns out to be a clone.

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The Players:

  • Director: Kenneth Fink, David Straiton
  • Writers: Josh Singer, Matt Pitts, David Wilcox
  • Cast: Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown

Episode Title: “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?”

This episode is all about shapeshifters and once again Alt-Olivia’s cover is on the line. She works alongside fellow operative Newton to get a top secret disc from a deactivated shifter who happens to know Broyles. Walter begins to settle in to his fancy new digs at Massive Dynamic, and uses its technology to extract information from a dead man. Peter and Alt-Olivia (unfortunately) take the next step in their relationship by sleeping together.

The Good:

  • Walter’s Meeting: At his first Massive Dynamic meeting, Walter made quite the impression on the staff. Besides his ramblings about the brain, he referred to a brown haired man as a red head, then proceeded to massage and sniff a scientists scalp, followed by him partially removing his pants before Peter came in and saved us all from the sight.
  • Astro/Astrid: When checking in to the new lab the desk clerk had Astrid on the guest list as “Astro,” which at this point she’s used to. But when speaking to Walter about kick-starting the brain on the shapeshifter he referred to her as Astrid, and they shared a sweet moment because he finally got her name right.
  • Shapeshifters Have Feelings Too: The scene between Ray and his son was so sweet. The whole conversation about monsters turning out to be your best friend was priceless. That kid had no idea that the man he knows and loves really is a monster and a killer. Damn you Newton for forcing his hand!
  • Newton Calls Alt-Olivia Out: Newton was spewing venom towards Alt-Olivia from the very beginning but it really hit home at the end of the episode. He let her know that she’s losing focus of her mission, she’s getting emotionally attached, and sooner or later that will be her undoing. The sooner this undoing happens, the better.

The So-So:

  • Give a Stab, Take a Punch: Kudos to Walter for taking a stand and defending himself against Ray the shapeshifter. He took a deep breath and stabbed him in the stomach, too bad that was followed by a backhand to the face. Walter was unconscious for a minute but at least he put in effort.
  • Death by Listerine Strip: I know whatever it was that Newton ingested at the end of the episode wasn’t a Listerine strip but come on? You know it looked like one.

The Bad:

  • Elevator Tricks: Pet peeve alert! Why in movies, television, and real life do people push the buttons in elevators multiple times assuming that it will make the car move faster? Peter did that when he was rushing to Walter’s lab after he was attacked by the shapeshifter. It just doesn’t work.
  • Newton: Has Newton ever shapeshifted before? Was he someone else that I’ve completely forgotten about? He was reading Ray the Riot Act about what they’re made for, and how they’re supposed to move on after their assignments. I’ve only seen him instigate people’s changes but never fully do it himself. Seriously, if he has, let me know.
  • Peter/Alt-Olivia Do the Deed: If Peter and the real Olivia slept together I would be all for it but this imposter has stolen her moment and it’s gross to watch. It lasted for a mere 30 seconds but it was so unbearable. When the real Olivia comes to her senses and Peter realizes what he’s unknowingly done heads will roll.


This week’s episode was entertaining but the whole set up of going back and forth between dimensions is getting tiring. Hopefully when the show comes back in November the worlds will start to merge eventually causing the two Olivia’s to meet again.

Rating: 8/10

“Fringe” airs on Thursdays on Fox at 9 PM

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